Boole's Computer
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Self-publishing venture for Interview Books

Launched the following open source projects:

The Art of Computer Programming (TAOCP) in Modern C++

Stanford GraphBase in Modern C++ using boost and beyond

Introduction to Algorithms (CLR book) in Modern C++

Publishing using Knuth's TeX and Modern C++

Boole's Computer : Mapping of Boole's N-states to today's computer science, (to be know as Boole's Computer) will bring fundamental and drastic improvement in its basic building blocks, the nature of this paradigm shift will be more pinning than Einsteinian movement was from Newtonian domain.

Design Patterns (Gang of Four)

Abstract Factory Part One

Abstract Factory Part Two

Abstract Factory Part Three

Abstract Factory Part Four

Abstract Factory Part Five and Builder Part One

Builder Part Two

Builder Part Three and Factory

Puzzles and Prototype


Objective Inquiry into Truth

Research papers on Boole's Computer

1) Realization of Boole's N states